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Funny Jobs Interview, Be Careful to Choose Your Outfits

As desperate job seekers, sometime we were often doing something “stupid”. And this stupidity actually was not a mistake at all if this happen on the right place and the right time. Alright, maybe I just started to share my "bad" experience while attending professional job interview couple years ago.

On that time, I was really happy for able to be called by a well-known corporate. After several months, I has been preparing everything regarding applying this position including joining a short course to refresh and sharpen my specified knowledge. On the D-day, I and my friends decided to apply several positions on the same company. One day, two day, one week, we could not get any update about this hiring. Finally, three weeks later I was notified. Not all of us can be pass the screening test. And each of us who pass the screening of job application was scheduled for a further hiring process, a job interview.

We, especially me, were really happy. Because of this is the first job interview ever, since we graduated. We look and read many articles through internet, what are things that must be prepared during an interview. this video can show some useful tips for a better job interview:

Uploaded by trnstaffing on Oct 26, 2010

Yes, we prepare everything including a nervous feeling of course. We wear outfits neatly. An ironed shirt and pants, polished black shoes, plus a matching tie were really suitable outfits on that day. We went to that office, still nervous, even, when the job interview was done, we could not throw away that nervous. Forget about some technical or the questions of that interview. The thing we miss about this interview was we forget to search out about the culture of this company, and how the work environment, as well as the employees outfits.

When we came, friends of mine that has already being that company’s employee greeted us. I know, after they greeting us, they mocked us. They was welcoming us but not for our “stupid” outfits. Basically, we were not doing something wrong. But we were doing a not proper thing. Not all of job interview must be worn a “strictly formal” outfits. It was very depending on the company culture and working environment. A simple thing that can ruin everything if can be handled properly.

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